XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
D Plus- DExtra - DCS -This page hosted by the ARRG.US array.
# Reflector Country Service Comment
1 XLX000 Florida USA Florida East Coast Reflector (1) - part of the ARRG.US Array---Sponsored by NO4RD
2 XLX001 Digiland Telegram Group Italia ICOM Reflector 080 Porta A Italia IP Contattaci: hb9dni@hb9dni.ch - Stefano
3 XLX002 USA Hosted by Kings of Digital. DMR only: TG 4001-4026. XRF, DCS, REF used by other reflectors
4 XLX003 USA Hosted by K6KD. Experimental. 26 modules.
5 XLX004 Michigan USA Great Lakes Reflector [MOD A - TG4001 - DMR MI5 SW2]
6 XLX005 UK Welcome to New UK XLX005 Replacement for DCS005
7 XLX006 USA Los Angeles, California. Member of the Pacific Constellation of XLX Reflectors
8 XLX007 Digiland Telegram Group Italia ICOM Reflector 080 Porta A Italia IP Contattaci: lupen706@libero.it - Williams
9 XLX008 USA Hosted by Kings of Digital. DMR only: TG 4001-4026. XRF, DCS, REF used by other reflectors
10 XLX009 TAIWAN XLX009 HAMTalk Club | Welcome
11 XLX010 USA IRC Amateur Radio Club (W8IRC)
12 XLX011 Belgium DCS011 replace XLX
13 XLX012 USA Hosted by California ARC
14 XLX013 United States Welcome to the PAPA system XLX Reflector DMR 31078 <> mod D. Linked XRF012 A
15 XLX014 USA Free for all to use
16 XLX015 Germany DCS015 xreflector.net Testserver
17 XLX017 Catalunya (v2.0.0) Xarxa Catalana XLX (www.EA3HKB.com)
18 XLX018 SPAIN Genuine DCS018 Now XLX System. Module A Worldwide-Modulo C Allstar System-The other modules DCS018
19 XLX019 Czech Republic and Slovakia OK+OM D-Star DMR Fusion Multiprotocol Gateway
20 XLX020 Taranto, Italy XLX020 Taranto D-Star. Sysop IZ7AUH
21 XLX022 Austria OPEN D-Star Austria, No Registration required
22 XLX023 Italia - Puglia - Lecce - Squinzano Hosted by IZ7JWR Enrico. XLX multiprotocol reflector.
23 XLX024 Austria Part of OPEN D-Star Austria
25 XLX026 United States Hosted by The Central NH Amateur Radio Club (CNHARC)
26 XLX028 Australia Replaced DCS028 with XLX028
27 XLX029 Austria Tyrol D-Star Reflector Austria
28 XLX030 Austria Amateurfunk Club Digital Voice Austria
29 XLX032 Luxembourg Hosted by RL (www.rlx.lu)
31 XLX035 Washington, USA Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts
32 XLX039 Italy 4test system - www.grupporadiofirenze.net
33 XLX040 PTR XLX Reflector
34 XLX044 Ohio USA WARN - Weather Amateur Radio Network (W8NWS)
35 XLX045 United States Sponsor - Berkshire Digital Group - Western Massachusetts
36 XLX046 SE TG 2416
37 XLX047 JAPAN Hosted by JL3ZBS D*Star Network. Now working on Stretch 4.9.59-v7+ #1047 on RPi3.
40 XLX052 Iwate Japan Welcome to XLX052 in Morioka-City
41 XLX053 Italy XLX reflector for Wi-Fi hamnetwork | Gruppo Radio Alte Frequenze & GRVdC.eu
42 XLX054 USA Charlotte Digital Radio Group
43 XLX055 China This is D-STAR Reflector in Chin
44 XLX057 United States Hosted by AF5XP
45 XLX058 Gifu, Japan VoIP Gifu Net Ham Club / JJ2YQH
47 XLX061 Upstate SC, USA XLX061 by N4SMH for South Carolina
48 XLX062 United States Mid-Atlantic States: NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, & DC; Sponsor Maryland ACS; Live 2016-05-20.
49 XLX064 Aichi Japan Welcome to Japanese XLX Reflector Gateway
50 XLX066 ITALIA Zona (8) Grottaminarda (AV) ITALY SysOp Antonio IU8CRI
51 XLX068 Italy IrcDDB-Italia - www.ircddb-italia.it - www.ircddb.it
52 XLX069 Spain Hosted by EDT
53 XLX071 Daegu R.O.Korea Korea Multi Protocol Reflector XRF071 Hosted by KARG & DS5TUK. Located in Daegu, Korea(PM45HU)
54 XLX072 Daegu R.O.Korea Korea Multi Protocol Reflector XRF072 Hosted by KARG & DS5TUK. Located in Daegu, Korea(PM45HU)
55 XLX075 Italy Gruppo DSTAR Palermo
56 XLX076 Tokyo Japan Welcome to XLX076 reflector. Hosted by JQ1ZTN
57 XLX077 Italy Florence - www.grupporadiofirenze.net
58 XLX078 France - Yvelines Interco TGs BrandMeister. Pas de transcodage pour l'instant.
59 XLX079 KOREA XLX Multiprotocol Gateway. Hosted by HL1RR.KOREA
60 XLX080 Yawata-City Kyoto, Japan JR3VH Club XLX Reflector
61 XLX081 Osaka Japan JR3VH Club XLX Reflector
62 XLX082 NYC USA Hosted by KARG & NB2O
63 XLX083 NYC USA Hosted by NB2O
64 XLX085 Yokohama Japan Yokohama Tsuzuki Reflector
65 XLX087 The Netherlands Hamnet facing reflector run by PA4TW. Located in Amsterdam, NL.
66 XLX088 The Netherlands Official reflector run by PA4TW. Located in Amsterdam, NL.
67 XLX089 The Netherlands Experimental reflector run by PA4TW. Located in Amsterdam, NL.
68 XLX090 Italy XLX Catania - Daniele IW9GRL
70 XLX095 Miyagi Japan Hosted by JE7ZDR Miyagi Reflector HAM Club.
71 XLX098 Nagoya JAPAN Welcome to xrf098 Rintaro's Room
72 XLX099 Italy XLX099 Taranto DSTAR Group - www.iz7auh.com
73 XLX100 Florida USA Florida's Gulf Coast Reflector -- Sponsored by KM4NMW
74 XLX101 USA ----Sponsored by NO9S
75 XLX102 Florida USA Florida East Coast Reflector (2) - part of the ARRG.US Array---Sponsored by NO4RD
76 XLX103 Canada Manitoulin Island Radio Club - part of the ARRG.US Array - sponsored by VE3OLC / NO9MB
77 XLX104 Florida USA Florida East Coast Reflector (3) - part of the ARRG.US Array---Sponsored by NO4RD
78 XLX111 Isehara-City Japan Hosted by Tokai University School of Medicine (JQ1ZWV)
79 XLX114 France Reflecteur Multi-protocole Francais (C4FM DMR DSTAR WIRES-X)
80 XLX115 Switzerland HB9VD XLX Reflector
81 XLX116 Italy Gruppo Dstar Agrigento TEST
82 XLX118 Italy Gruppo Dstar Agrigento TEST
83 XLX119 Seoul Korea C4FM DMR DSTAR WIRES-X(Room 24082) HL1RR
84 XLX121 United States Hosted by KC2IDB for TG 31619 CRTS
85 XLX124 Sapporo Japan Welcome to Hokkaido Japan XLX Reflector / JA8IBG
86 XLX125 Hungary Welcome to Hungarian XLX Reflector
87 XLX127 Curacao Hosted by PJ2MAN, Curacao
88 XLX128 JAPAN XLX128 Reflector / No Linked Modules
89 XLX129 Kanagawa Japan JN1GUW Ayase-city Reflector
90 XLX130 Austria Amateurfunk Club Digital Voice Austria
91 XLX145 Greece RSF-Hellas
92 XLX146 Cyprus First Cypriot DSTAR xReflector, created and hosted by 5B8BE & 5B4AMD - Location Limassol,CY
93 XLX147 Europe Hosted by Robust Packet Network. Special interest for the HF RPR APRS & PACTOR community.
94 XLX150 Argentina Argentina Multi Reflector
95 XLX170 SEOUL KOREA DMR,D-STAR Reflector(TG4001~TG4003,TG9)
96 XLX171 KOREA DMR Only reflector for general use(TG4001~TG4003 & XLX171-A ~ XLX171-C)
98 XLX204 Netherlands Hosted by PH0DV
99 XLX206 Belgium XLX Belgium Dutch by ON4TOP
100 XLX208 France French D-Star XLX Multiprotol Gateway Reflector
101 XLX210 North America ---Sponsored by NO9S
102 XLX212 USA Member of the Kings of Digital Constellation. DMR only. TG 4001-4026.
103 XLX214 Spain Hosted by EDT
104 XLX216 USA NE Ohio XLX Reflector
105 XLX222 Italy Independent Digital Team - Not approved by GFR
106 XLX224 Yokohama Japan Hosted by Yokohama Digital communication Club (JQ1ZRS)
107 XLX227 Romania Interlink and RoLink New Gateway
108 XLX228 Switzerland Gruppo Cisar Basel HB9CSR der erste xlx der Deutschweiz
109 XLX229 Switzerland SWISS-ARTG Reflector
111 XLX235 UK DMR Only reflector for general use
112 XLX241 Spain REM - Asociación de Radio Amateur
113 XLX242 USA Experimental
114 XLX246 N California, USA Silicon Valley Japanese Ham Club (SVJHC) and NW6UP
115 XLX255 UKRAINE DMR (BrandMeister TG2555) <=> D-Star (XRF255 B) Gateway
116 XLX261 Belgium XLX Test wireless belgium
117 XLX262 Belgium centos test
118 XLX264 USA XLX264 -> XLX054: Hosted by W4BOG
120 XLX270 Luxembourg Hosted by RL (www.rlx.lu)
121 XLX284 Bulgaria Welcome to XLX284 Reflector
122 XLX295 United States Hosted by K6FED
123 XLX298 NAGOYA JAPAN Welcome to xrf298 Rintaro's 2nd Room By JF2ANH
124 XLX299 New Zealand A Pacific Constellation Reflector. NZ & AU Chat. IFROAR. DMR YSF & D-Star Bridge.
125 XLX300 North America Part of the ARRG.US array --- Sponsored by NO9S
126 XLX302 Canada Canada's XLX302 Crossconect to YSF and BM DMR
127 XLX307 USA Powell Wyoming Mutimode Reflector
128 XLX310 USA Hosted by K6KD. DCS & REF only. XRF310 is a Dxrfd4 reflecctor.
129 XLX311 Germany DStar-DMR Reflector hosted by DL5BQ
130 XLX313 USA Transcoding D-STAR/DMR Reflector hosted by Kings of Digital. Modules A-F/TG4001-6. Multiple nets.
131 XLX317 USA Crossroads DMR - DMR <+> DSTAR Reflector
132 XLX321 Italy Dolomites Radio Club
133 XLX333 Italy Piemonte - Zona 1 - http://server.ham.radio.it
134 XLX334 United States, Alabama AlbamaLink: Wires-X #28933, FCS00202, XRF334A, DMR 31010
136 XLX336 USA Linked To: Brandmeister TG 31241 - mawcg.org for details.
137 XLX339 Canada AVARC's Maritimes Reflector
138 XLX357 USA Hosted by W6KD (DStar XRF/DCS/REF Mods A-Z) DMR (TG 4001-4026) no transcoding
139 XLX358 BULGARIA D-Star<=>DMR
141 XLX365 Saitama Japan Kounosu amateur radio club in Kounosu-City Saitama, Japan
142 XLX370 Italy Liguria - TigullioHamradio
143 XLX373 Kyoto Japan Welcome to xlx373 Reflector Uji_City Kyoto Japan
144 XLX380 Japan Japan Mobile Radio Group in Saitama/Kanagawa by JQ1ZYC ,NOW TESTING...
145 XLX382 Nagoya Japan Welcome to XLX382 Reflector Nagoya City Aichi Japan
146 XLX389 Australia dmrxlx with transcoder
147 XLX390 Italy Associazione Onda Telematica
148 XLX398 United States Hosted by the Western Amateur Radio Association (WARFA)
149 XLX400 USA Hosted by N5WLS
150 XLX404 Norway Norway XLX Reflector. DMR/FUSION Link. Sysop: LB1BI
151 XLX412 Shimane Japan Welcome to XLX412 Reflector Izumo-City Shimane,Japan by JJ4QKY
152 XLX433 Germany XLX-Reflector DG1JP
153 XLX440 Oita JAPAN E-KYUSHU Reflector
154 XLX441 Aichi Japan Hosted by JA2JMV in Shinshiro-City
155 XLX444 Netherlands Interlink Experiment
156 XLX450 North America part of the ARRG.US Array - sponsored by NO9S
157 XLX486 ITALY Italy - Basilicata - Potenza - XLX REFLECTOR
158 XLX499 Japan Hosted by CQHAM.NET
159 XLX500 Australia Hosted by Ian (VK2HK)
160 XLX501 Australia Hosted by VK2HK
161 XLX502 Guatemala Hosted by TG9AOR
162 XLX508 Germany XLX Gateway for Ostwestfalen-Lippe sponsored and hosted by HB9GFX via Cloudcore.io
163 XLX515 Japan shounandstar QSO room 20171004
164 XLX518 Germany N18 Open D-Star Reflector
165 XLX519 Canada Sponsored by VE3ZIN.com
166 XLX525 Brazil Grupo de Radioamadores
167 XLX538 Osaka Japan Higashiosaka-city Hosted by JG3EBB /information-->http://jg3ebb.mydns.jp
168 XLX544 Niigata JAPAN Hosted by JH0EYA in Nagaoka-City Niigata Japan.
170 XLX554 USA Charlotte Digital Radio Group
171 XLX555 USA Hosted by W6KD (DStar as DCS555 only, modules A-Z) or DMR (TG 4001-4026), no transcoding
172 XLX569 Takatsuki City OsakaJAPAN Welcom to our Reflector. QSO between DMRs is available. (Hosted by JA3GQJ)
173 XLX570 USA NorthEast PA Digital Amateur Association 26 Enabled
174 XLX573 USA Hosted By KA0WHR in Pilot Knob MO
175 XLX595 JAPAN Welcome biginner. Try interchangeable QSO between DMR and D-Star. Module H - Z is available.
176 XLX599 USA Deep Space Techno | Reflector hosted by N5WLS.
177 XLX600 Scotland XLX600 Reflector System in Scotland hosted by DV Scotland – www.dvscotland.net.
178 XLX601 Scotland DVScotland test server
179 XLX602 Scotland BBB Test Server | D-Star/DMR using ThumbDV Module J
180 XLX626 New Zealand A Pacific Constellation Reflector
181 XLX634 South Tokyo Japan XLX Reflector Testing by JQ1ZTN
182 XLX647 France - La Reunion Serveur XLX647 - La Reunion - BM TG's inside :-)
183 XLX666 USA XLX New England
184 XLX689 USA West TEXAS
185 XLX699 Sweden Tekniksnack.se
186 XLX700 Sweden Brandmeister Sweden / SWEDMR
187 XLX706 Italy XLX TEST 773 Radiogroup
188 XLX707 The Netherlands PA7LIM test XLX reflector
189 XLX708 Okayama Japan Hosted by Daigasen Sky-island Ham club in Tsuyama-City Okayama, Japan
190 XLX709 UK DVMEGA UK XLX Reflector
191 XLX711 Europa UK DVMEGA CHAT
192 XLX712 Japan Shizukuishi Iwate
193 XLX714 Catalunya (v2.0.0) Xarxa Catalana XLX (www.EA3HKB.com)
194 XLX717 The Netherlands Hobbyscoop XLX Reflector
195 XLX724 Brazil DV Brazil Group
196 XLX737 GREECE R.A.A.G. XLX Server info:sv1iw@raag.org
197 XLX746 Brandenburg Gallier Network DMR D-Star
198 XLX747 Germany XLX747 'Local Net' North Germany - Visit also our 'Main Net' @ XLX787. Hosted by NorthStar
199 XLX748 United States Hosted by N5TAM the United Digital Amateur Radio Club
200 XLX750 New Zealand Hosting by Brett ZL2AUS, Sponsoring by Hayden ZL2WD in New Zealand. Multiprotocol XLX Reflector
201 XLX755 Corsica TKNet VoIP - Corsican multiprotocol digital and analog network (http://tknet.radioamateur.tk)
202 XLX766 Brazil Network Dstar of Amrase
203 XLX773 Italy ZONA 0 Lazio - Welcome on 773RadioGroup XLX Reflector - Latina - Roma
204 XLX775 Italy XLX reflector Hosted by IZ2QCP
205 XLX776 Japan Now testing D-STAR Reflector. / Chiba Japan
206 XLX781 Kochi Japan Welcome to XLX781 Reflector Tosa-Kochi Japan by Tosachou Bousai Ham Club
207 XLX787 Germany XLX787 'Main Net' North Germany - Visit also our 'Local Net' @ XLX747. Hosted by NorthStar
208 XLX789 Brazil D-Star Brazil Group
209 XLX800 USA Testing...
212 XLX807 Japan Test Operation
213 XLX808 USA Experimental reflector hosted by N5WLS
214 XLX812 Fukuoka Japan Hosted by JF6ROW in Hakata
215 XLX850 Germany Bavarian DV
216 XLX859 USA Minnesota XLX Reflector
217 XLX870 New Zealand Reflector based in Pukekohe
218 XLX880 Switzerland Swiss XLX880
219 XLX886 Taiwan Trancoding Enabled, DV Taiwan Amateur Radio Club, sysop: BU2EA (BX2AFC)
220 XLX887 Taiwan XLX Test Server, sysop: BU2EA
221 XLX888 Sicily Island - Italy DStar/DMR/C4FM - A.R.C.
222 XLX897 Spain EALINK Digital Voice Server for experimentation (System Operator EA4FVB)
223 XLX900 Spain EA2CQ XLX Server
224 XLX906 Spain DCS906 RC-Veleta Spain XLX906-DCS906-XRF906 Reflector
225 XLX909 Spain XLX Hosted by EALINK (System Operator EA4FVB)
226 XLX910 SPAIN Team Ham-Digital Spain
227 XLX911 Italy Gruppo DStar Siracusa
228 XLX929 Quebec Canada Welcome to Canada (Quebec) Reflector
229 XLX930 Italy Gruppo DSTAR Lecce (XLX sysop IZ7KYS)
230 XLX931 USA Hampton, VA Hostname: xref.kw4yb.com
231 XLX933 France XLX en Test
232 XLX940 Niigata Japan Welcome to XLX940 Reflector Nagaoka-City Niigata,Japan by JA0POR
233 XLX950 Luxembourg XLX Multiprotocol Gateway developer platform hosted by DVC (dvc@rlx.lu)
234 XLX964 USA testing
235 XLX965 USA Testing XLX965 - Sala dos Brasileiros
236 XLX967 Bulgaria DMR<=>DSTAR GROUP hosted by LZ1ZAF with transcoding
237 XLX972 Israel DCS972 A is a bridge to DMR TG425. AMBE server is enabled
238 XLX974 Qatar Welcome to Qatar Reflector 974
239 XLX975 SPAIN http://www.navarlik.com/
240 XLX976 SPAIN XLX976 By EA1IGN Team Ham-Digital Spain
241 XLX987 Czech Rep test gateway
243 XLX990 USA Rocky Mountain Experimental XLX
245 XLX995 Quebec Quebec D-Star DMR Interlink experiment op:VA2PX
246 XLX997 Italy D-Star Group Lodi - Lombardia
247 XLX999 Italy Dorsale Digitale Appenninica Ligure-Piemontese